Book on Leadership

Leadership and Church Structure

Book by Dennis D. Moses

Comprehensive material on Leadership everyone should read, whether you are in a position of leadership or not!!


    Reason for this book
    God Given Confirmation
    Need for Structure
    "Stir up your pure minds..."
    My Aim!

Chapter 1 Scriptural Structure
    Leadership Example
    Proper Order
    Elements of a proper structure
    Properly Placed

Chapter 2  The Leadership Role
    The Team
    Called to Leadership
    Setting Leaders into Office
    Launching Ministries
    Hindrances to Ministry
    Purposes for Ministry
    Principles of Leadership (7)
    Characteristics of a Leader (7)
    Interactions of Leaders
    Priorities and Relationships
    In Conclusion

Chapter 3  The Pastor
    Who is the Pastor?
    Scriptural Support
    Office of Pastor

Chapter 4  Other Leadership Ministries
        Duties of Elders
        A Work Honorable and Good
        Duties of Deacons
        An Acquired Standing
    Other Supportive Ministries
        From the Five-fold Ministries
        From the Supportive Gifts

Chapter 5  The Congregation
    Placed by God
    Characteristics of a Strong Congregation
    Called to Minister
    Pastor's Responsibility
    The Result

Chapter 6  Governmental Structure
    To Write or Not to Write
    Defining the Structure
        Check the Internet
        The Incorporation
        Articles of Incorporation
        Policy and Procedures Manual
        Board of Directors and Officers
        Advisory Council
        Tax and IRS Status

Chapter 7  The Finished Work

Appendix A  Articles of Incorporation

Appendix B  Restated Articles of Incorporation

Appendix C  Constitution and By-Laws

Appendix D  Syllabus (Full teaching outline of each chapter.)

Book Preface

I argued with God, I really did. When it became obvious that He was directing me to write this material, I stood like Moses at the burning bush voicing reasons why I was not the one. He reminded me that I had been trained my entire ministry for what needed to be said, and that when the book was successful it would be because of Him. I realized that the burden had been placed, and it was not going away, so I asked for His anointing as I took up the pen. He honored that request, covering me as I worked on this book with the same anointing I felt when I preached.

Paul said in Eph. 4:1, “I beseech you that ye walk worthy of the vocation wherewith ye are called.” My question is, “How can anyone do so if he is not equipped?” My greatest desire is for leaders to be equipped with tools that will give them everything necessary to be effective in their leadership roles. I want to pass on some of the practical experiences of leadership that I have had in my years of ministry, giving examples that would keep others from having to learn some lessons the way I had to…by “hard knocks.” (These experiences are highlighted in the book by grayed in boxes.) I also hope to encourage lay persons to support and work with their leaders.

Through the years the church has been divided over many things. Leadership principles should not be one of them. I have attempted to present a scriptural view of this subject, taking care to not “denominationalize” it. In doing so, I will only define the pieces of church structure, leaving the utilization of these pieces to the leading of the Holy Spirit. An entire chapter will be spent discussing what it means to be a leader — understanding the call, knowing the commitment, placing leaders into office, launching ministries, developing principles of leadership, recognizing the characteristics of a godly leader. Discussion will include things that can hinder our effectiveness, and explore topics that oftentimes might be skirted — authority, submission, priorities and relationships. I will define the role of the pastor, look at the ministry of elders, deacons, and other leadership areas in the church. And I will not leave out the congregation, rather discuss their supporting role in seeing the vision of the ministry carried out. Lastly, I will define the “legal” or governmental structure of the corporation, supply some examples and suggestions for how it’s structure can be properly (and scripturally) implemented.

This book has been written with the support and backing of my pastor and church. The material has been thoroughly scrutinized by godly men. I wrote it with the words of the prophet Habakkuk ringing in my heart, “Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it”. Now I submit it with this prayer on my lips, “God, anoint it to the reader’s heart as fervently as you did the writer.”